The Human Animal – Medical and Anatomical Drawing

Since becoming a science-illustration professor my focus has shifted towards nature and biological science subjects, and my multi-faceted role as a consultant for an exhibitry-design company. However medical illustration has played a huge role in making me who & what I am, so I’m including in this gallery a few longtime favourites from my days in the Master of Science in Biomedical Communications (MScBMC) program at the University of Toronto.

I also have an enduring love for life drawing, particularly anatomical. In the context of illustration, life drawings are usually considered exercises rather than finished works. But if you think of the visual arts in similar terms to other arts such as music or dance, technique exercises are a fundamental part of the art form and contain a beauty all their own. Life drawing is also an intensely meditative experience, that makes the rest of life’s complications disappear into the beauty of form, line and light.

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All images ©Kathryn Chorney.