Nature Journal I

Nature will always have something to offer to those who take time to look. Interesting structures, relationships, and stories are everywhere around us. My nature journals help me to take better notice of the natural world, to learn, and to ask new questions. I also wanted to find out if I could do this year-round in Toronto, where we have a pretty full-on winter season (so far, so good).

This dozen drawings are selections,  in non-chronological order,  from my first nature journal book from 2012-13. I like the ‘Hand-Book’ journals (5.5″ square, 125 pages), and in them I work in graphite, ink, and watercolour. These studies take an hour or two each, and almost everything is done from direct observation, which I prefer. But if that’s not possible (i.e. you can’t always take things home with you) I shoot lots of reference photos on location and work from those.

Click on any image to launch full size slideshow. When finished, close slideshow by clicking on the x in the upper R corner. All images ©Kathryn Chorney.