Botanical Illustration

Living things, encountered in the kitchen, in the garden or yard, growing out of cracks in the pavement, or on long walks on the Bruce Trail (Ontario). In short, anywhere one takes a moment to look, as we all should. Forms, patterns, and geometries encountered in nature bring ideas to mind, new patterns of thought.

Some of the recent images here show the emergence of a newer, quiet voice, the part of me I like to call my ‘inner boffin’. My boffin (casual term for a scientist or science aficionado) looks a little further into botanical subjects, looking for the underlying hints and expressions of physics, the mysterious ‘patterns of organic energy’ that unite everything in our universe. I like to think of it like this: our human life lies within the realm of biology; within biology lies chemistry; within chemistry lies physics, and within physics, that most strange and otherworldly of sciences, lies poetry (encompassing the arts and philosophy) — and possibly the undiscovered links between the arts and the sciences. Clues to understanding may be right in front of us, everywhere we go.

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All images ©Kathryn Chorney.