Nature Journal III

At long last, a new bakers-dozen gallery, taken from my now-filled 3rd Nature Journal (2015-17). What with a very busy professional life, as well as packing and moving house a year ago, what I originally thought would be a book-a-year personal project has lengthened into over two years for this third one (each journal book is 125 pages). Ah well, to everything there is a season. And as a wise person said, it’s not necessarily the speed you’re going that counts, but that you’re moving, and in the right direction. This past spring and summer, it’s been great to get back to completing earlier unfinished sketches and watercolours, and to once again find I have time to immerse myself in observing small quirks and details of nature that present themselves as the seasons proceed. Seemingly small details, I should say — they may reflect much broader forces that unite our daily lives with the cosmos in which we live. In physics and natural philosophy: as above, so below.

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