Daylily buds – genus Hemerocallis

After over two years of the pandemic’s influence on every aspect of life, including much of the time I would have normally had for creating new personal work, it is very good to finally complete something new for my gallery. These daylilies offered an intoxicating delicacy of colour and form in their budding stages.

The genus name Hemerocallis comes from the Greek words for “day” and “beautiful”.

I enjoyed another foray with the medium of colour pencil on translucent drafting film. This medium offers such delicate control over detail, form, and colour, and one can work across a range of visual approaches, from graphic thru to full dimensional form. The light parts of the image are back-painted with white acrylic; the colour pencil is deployed on both front and back of the film; and the piece is laid over a backing sheet of green Canson paper.
Image size 13.5”h x 10.5”w. © 2022 Kathryn Chorney